The Evening Before – Wedding Rehearsal

All happened two weeks ago on a hot sunny afternoon near Peoria, Illinois (yeah, someone here is a real globetrotter). That day I had a pleasure to be invited to document a wedding rehearsal of this lovely couple. The day was hot and sunny, totally ideal to lay by the pool with a glass of mojito in your hand. The first time I experienced proper Illinois heat. But we had some work to do! A wedding rehearsal! I love weddings but I did not know wedding rehearsal could be a lot of fun.

I tried to stay away as much as possible and document the evening with candid photos of both families and friends enjoying their time together and looking forward to their big day. Everyone was totally relaxed and so excited about what was coming. I hope you enjoy looking through this gallery with me.
05 marriage license

04 church minister preparing speech

03 sisters

02 little girl holding mamas hand

08 little boy

06 little boy

2 groom

11 paperwork

13 father and son

12 groom

09 mother and newborn

18 bridesmaid

19 bridesmaid

20 friends

22 bridesmaid

16 mother of bride and bridesmaid

01 group of people waiting

17 briesmaids

23 bride to be and dad

23 family

29 wedding rehersal

27 wedding rehersal

25 wedding rehersal

28 wedding flowers rehersal

30 happy bride to be

14 little boy on the stairs

15 boy on the stairs

31 young mother

33 spectators

35 family

36 bride and groom to be

36 happy bride to be

37 ringbearer

38 newborn

39 baby boy playing

41 children

40 little girl in the woods

42 little girl

44 little boy playing

48 boy playing under tree

51 baby face

50 baby face

Wedding Rehearsal

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3 Responses

  1. Adarsh
    | Reply

    Wow!!!! This is amazing…You are really awesome…..

  2. Tammy
    | Reply

    Oh my goodness Linda you did such an amazing job!!! These pics are awesome!!!!! Thank you for coming with me and dealing with the IL heat and humidity.
    You ROCK!!

    • lindabettsphotography
      | Reply

      Thanks Tammy, I am so happy that everyone likes them. 🙂 I had a great time! Thanks for a nice comment!

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