Helen & Phil Wedding Day 14/8/2015

Congratulations Helen and Phil. I loved meeting you and it was a pleasure to be a part of your gorgeous wedding day in a funky boutique hotel right in the center of Liverpool.

I have been returning to the same wedding venues recently which is usually great and 30 James Street Home of Titanic Hotel has been one of the venues. I have found a few favorite corners in this hotel. I either love to shoot on the rooftop where you can have Liverpool center as a gorgeous backdrop or I love to be in one of the suites with the bride and shoot away when she and bridesmaids are getting ready or I absolutely love to shoot in the main hall called The White Star Grand Hall where the ceremony takes place and also where the wedding breakfast is served. But this has not been a hotel since the start. You may be guessing it has something to do with the famous Titanic… and you are right! It does. The hotel used to be a place where the White Star Line company used to be located. This shipping company had built the famous RMS Titanic! How special!

This is  selection of my favorite pictures from the day. Check them out and feel free to leave me a comment. 🙂

wedding rings
Bride getting ready

003 confetti basket 002 wedding rings

Wedding bouquet009 bride arriving010 bridesmaid arriving

Signing the registry

011 bride and groom at altar
014 first kiss

015 signing registry
018 chmpagne 019 sparkling wine (2) 020 signing registry (1) 021 walking down the aisle 022 bridal bouquet 023 little wedding guests 0024 wedding postbox 0025 little wedding guest 026 toastmaster 027 bride and groom 028 throwing confetti 029 leaving church 030 ship at wedding venue 031 bride and groom happy 032 bridesmaids 035 bridesmaid tourquoise 036 bride happy 037 wedding guests talking 040 father of bride groom 041 groom and family 042 wedding guests enjoying themselves 043 father of bride 044 suprise 045 best man 046 little bridesmaid dress 047 weddingbouquet 048 buttonhole groom jacket 49 wedding breakfast 50 venue decoration 50 wedding breakfast 51 seating plan 52 head table 52 menu wedding breakfast 52 toastmaster 52 wedding cake 53 table decorations 54 table centerpiece 55 table centerpiece 57 seating plan 58 wedding cake 59 wedding cake 60 wedding cake 61 room setup 62 bridesmaid 63 bridesmaid tourquoise 64 bridesmaid writing wishes to the couple 65 menu of the day 67 mother of the bride 68 little guest eating 70 coloring book 72 moment with the bride 73 MR MRS sign 75 wedding reception 76 bride 77 bride headpiece 78 wedding reporter 79 selfie stick photos 80 bride and groom 80W bride and groom 81 bride and groom 81W bride and groom 82W bridal party 83 bridal party 84 wedding guests 85 desert 87 baby in a stroller 88 baby in a stroller 89 envelope 60james street 90 candles 91 candles 91 hugs 92 fip flops 93 buttonhole 94 buttonhole

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7 Responses

  1. Mariesbeauties
    | Reply

    Your photos are absolutely stunning Hun, xx

    • lindabettsphotography
      | Reply

      Thanks happy you stopped by.

  2. Wow, you really take some amazing photos! They must have been so thrilled with their wedding images, I’m at least convinced that I want you in my wedding. I’m really inspired by the details in your photos, also how you manage to always keep the wedding couple in focus and their surroundings blurred…How do you do that? Is it your lens type or do you work the images afterwards? 🙂

    • lindabettsphotography
      | Reply

      Hi Asa,
      Happy you liked. It’s great to get some nice and supportive feedback. 🙂 I don’t do that much postproduction and always try to get everything right in the camera. I use only prime lenses for the best picture quality. I edit smallest details in Photoshop Lightroom afterwards. I am based in Manchester and can travel anywhere in UK. Good luck with your blog!!!

  3. jessica
    | Reply

    wow! lovely pictures! great cake and what a nice wedding
    i love your blog ♡
    keep it up

  4. Cara Z
    | Reply

    These pictures are amazing!! Too bad I didn’t come across your work back in 2010 when I got married. We weren’t thrilled with our photographer, and the pictures could be better :-/ I’m sure Helen and Phil were extremely happy with their photos. What software do you use for your water mark?

    • lindabettsphotography
      | Reply

      Glad you liked them. 🙂 I use Photoshop Lightroom for all my editing, also watermarks. 🙂

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