Gorgeous and Budget Friendly Winter Wedding

Are you planning a winter wedding? Then turn it into a magical event. Winter wedding can be both gorgeous and budget friendly. Well then it is time to get inspired. Here are some tips for the best winter wedding.

gorgeous budget friendly winter wedding

Check with the venue, they may offer a cheaper off season package. Take full advantage of the festive decorations arranged by your venue and add some personal touches to it. Use miniature Christmas trees, candy canes, white poinsettias or fairy lights as your table decorations. Use pinecones as holders for little cards with your guests names on them. Greet your guests with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Use seasonal fruits and spices for your cocktails and instead of getting tropical flowers for your wedding bouquet, use local seasonal flowers that look equally as stunning. Swap champagne for mulled wine. Not only is all this budget friendly but your guests will love it. Unlike in summer, guests won’t be able to mingle outside for too long so bear that in mind when planning and prepare lots of cosy blankets so everyone stays warm.


Silver and golden look rich and classy. They look gorgeous combined with earthy tones and natural materials.  For more effect use them with contrasting colour like blue or green. Decorate a tree and encourage your guests to write little notes on it. Use a traditional tree or put a bit of modern twist on it.

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Gold and red is a great winter combo as well. Winter evenings come early, so  make the light shinethrough crystals to create a dreamy atmosphere.

Winter Photography

A winter wedding can turn out stunning on photographs, but there are few things to bear in mind to make the pictures perfect. Plan your wedding ceremony early so you have enough time to take pictures of the bridal party during daylight. Keep warm between the shots with a fake fur  jacket and plan the day so your guests don’t have to stay outside too long. Choose a well lit venue for inside photographs.


Light up your day

A winter wedding and early nights call for beautiful warm lights to brighten your day. Candles in sparkly holders, golden details, crystals chandeliers, torches and lanterns. Get strands of small warm coloured lights and hang them around. Combined with beautiful and rich colours, warm blankets, roaring log fire, you and your guests will feel super cosy. Now it’s time to wait for snow to arrive.

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Wedding dress

Most of the wedding dresses are strapless or sleeveless. But if you are planning winter wedding with an outdoors bridal soot, stock up on cosy wrap or a white fake fur jacket.Planning a wedding can be super fun and creative and in case of winter wedding it especially so. So let’s make your winter wedding one to remember.

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    Oh my goodness – these pictures are beautiful. You’ve definitely created a rich feel on a budget.

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