My 33rd Birthday

Yeah, I tried to escape it as long as possible, but in the end I could not hide anymore. I celebrated my 33rd birthday. It is such a milestone birthday. Christ was thirty three. I have not been able to use my student discount for 7 years. I have been married for almost three wonderful years. It was only four years ago when I discovered my love for carrot cake.

  • I decided not to have a posh meal this year and rather do a BBQ in our garden so our little furry companion could be part of the bash.
  • I treated myself and got me a long-board (a few decades later than what you would normally expect) so I can have some fun riding around Liverpool.
  • I was given a wonderful present of day trip to Dublin which I wanted to do for a long time and had such a blast there. I even managed to have my first OBLIGATORY pint of Guinness there in the famous Temple Bar.
  • I am very excited about the next 365 days and have finally gathered courage to do my 365 day project (one day, one photograph) which I will be sharing here with you.

Have a great weekend! And have an extra piece of cake for me. 🙂 bbq1 bbq 2 bbq 3 bbq 4 bbq5 bbq6 bbq 7 bbq 9 10 bbq bbq 12

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