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20-22 SEPTEMBER 2015, SU 9:30am-6pm, MO 9:30am-6pm, TU 9:30am-4pm

London was certainly the place to be last weekend. If it was not glamorous enough, with London Fashion Week buzzing everywhere, it had reached a whole new level. Walking down the streets of central London, you could see an extremely high concentration of fabulous looking people, which makes us rest of the crowd, well… just so ordinary. If you have also caught that fashion bug and want to see some great clothes and accessories, you did not have to limit yourself only to what was happening in Soho Car Park in Brewer Street, but could make a small detour to the Saatchi Gallery that had transformed itself for three days into a fashion heaven, called SCOOP LONDON 2015. So I put an outfit together, some killer heels and camera in my hand and headed over to the Saatchi Gallery to check it out it for you. The entrance was not approached on a red carpet, but on a grass walkway covered with pink rose petals. Pretty glamorous!

Scoop London is fairly new, it started in 2011 as a platform for the new and emerging designers and some very carefully selected international labels. It has evolved into a regular event, in cooperation with the British Fashion Council. Set against a backdrop of some pretty stunning contemporary art, you could see 180 collections for Spring/Summer 2016. The idea of combining fashion and art creates an amazing atmosphere and makes you drawn to the designs. As I walked down the light and spacious corridors of the Saatchi Gallery, I could feel that Italian should be a second language in the building. This is because many designers that had travelled to London to present their collections were from Italy. With the support of the Italian Trade Agency, which helps businesses from southern Italy, some of the smaller brands got a unique opportunity to approach the British market. So while we could see some familiar names, we could also explore designs of many companies, of which most of us have never seen or heard before. The overall feel of the presented collections was fresh, colourful and unlike many London Fashion Week designs, Scoop London was not about just admiring fashion, but about wearing it.

My highlights:

  • Jewellery collection BONBON of Sarah Parham. All inspired by an old English sweet shop. Versatility is the main message for me. Everything is adjustable and so there are tons of ways to wear it. It does not bore. So it is no surprise that one of the classic and chic citrine coloured rings is on my Christmas wish list now.

  • Sophie Cameron Davies and her Spring/Summer 2016 collection called IN PARADISE. If you are one of the black colour addicts this colourful collection is not for you. Her collection is about sipping a cocktail on a warm evening on the beach, enjoying the stars and feeling soft in white, pale blue and pale pink with soft details of lace and flower blooms gently playing on the fabric.

  • Alexandra de Curtis and her handbag collection for Spring/Summer 2016. This collection stands out for beautiful craftsmanship, simple lines and a splash of colours. An absence of a visible logo at first, draws your attention to its simple lines and contrasting colour combinations. Despite diverse shapes and colours, there is one unifying point characterised by the signature bow on almost every design. Despite being made in Italy, you can immediately see ‘Britishness’ and simplicity that we all love and value.

  • Andrea Zapp and her womenswear collection. This collection allows her to grab her own unique place among British designers. The collection has caught my eye for its bold use of prints (the designer’s background is in film industry), that keep drawing your attention to them for their simple lines and contrast colours, but still leave a lot of space for own imagination. These dresses look like a lot of fun to wear and totally stand out from the crowd but still guarantee that you will be looking extremely sophisticated. Where the prints go wild, the simple cut keeps everything perfectly in balance.

My feet started killing me after a while so I decided for a little break and headed over to the Champagne Bar and the Art Cafe on the first floor for a glass of bubbly and a long deserved catch up with friends. Even there you will not escape the very stylish vibe of the whole venue as some of the designs were placed close to the ceiling and so here fashion simply becomes a beautiful piece of art rather a piece to wear.

You still have a chance; the next show is 21-23 FEBRUARY 2016.

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  1. jessica
    | Reply

    amazing! love the pictures! great photographer

  2. Lori
    | Reply

    This is so cool! The pictures are truly amazing! Its Tallinn Fashion Week right now and you talking about the glamour of London has given me the motivation to go to Telliskivi and check out the style!

    • lindabettsphotography
      | Reply

      Tallinn fashion week must be amazing! Would love to see it as well! Maybe next year. 🙂

  3. Ekanem
    | Reply

    WOW…This is so awesome. From the lovely article to the amazing photography skills . Thumbs up. When should I come for some photography lessons cos I’ll really love to.

    • lindabettsphotography
      | Reply

      Thanks! 🙂

  4. Gemma
    | Reply

    You are a truly talented photographer! These pictures are fab x

  5. Cassie
    | Reply

    What a wonderful post! I loved reading it, but even more so, I loved looking at the pictures at the bottom. Your photography skills are beautiful – very impressive. I’m so glad you shared. Thank you 🙂

  6. CTE
    | Reply

    Oooh love the shoes! Love the pictures, very tastefully fully done. 🙂

  7. Gillian Nicholl
    | Reply

    Now u see, with my Joules dresses and Reiker shoe boots I’d stick out like a sore thumb. However ur article drew me into that world. I’d love a set of novels or a drama set in this industry. Your photography was gorgeous. I loved this article.

  8. Fatima
    | Reply

    That was some good information! I loved the pictures. They are so beautifully captured.


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