Scoop London and My Impressions

ARTICLE AS PUBLISHED BY BELLOSSO MAGAZINE 23 Sept 2015 SCOOP LONDON INTERNATIONAL FASHION SHOW 20-22 SEPTEMBER 2015, SU 9:30am-6pm, MO 9:30am-6pm, TU 9:30am-4pm London was certainly the place to be last weekend. If it was not glamorous enough, with London Fashion Week buzzing everywhere, it had reached a whole new level. Walking down the streets of central London, you could see an extremely high concentration of fabulous looking people, which makes us rest of the crowd, well… just so … Read More

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The Evening Before – Wedding Rehearsal

All happened two weeks ago on a hot sunny afternoon near Peoria, Illinois (yeah, someone here is a real globetrotter). That day I had a pleasure to be invited to document a wedding rehearsal of this lovely couple. The day was hot and sunny, totally ideal to lay by the pool with a glass of mojito in your hand. The first time I experienced proper Illinois heat. But we had some work to do! A wedding rehearsal! I love weddings … Read More

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Why not try something different? So here we go. 🙂 These pictures are a bit different. You may be wondering how they were created. The setup was quite simple, a light pointing at the subject which was behind a curtain. And this is what happened. Very dramatic effect. Totally totally different. Something that makes you wonder and think about the images a bit. Something that leaves a bit of space to your imagination. Silhouette is here in center of attention rather … Read More

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Wedding day of Rachel & David 01/08/2015

I love hot pink color and so I knew I would love wedding day of Rachel and David in hot pink and purple at Manchester Monastery. And I did. And who cares that it rained all day with literally no break? No one let rain spoil this amazing wedding day. Check out the pictures below of this lovely couple in love and how I documented their day.    

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Manchester Fashion Week 2015

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Imagine you turn up a few hours late for your first date. That’s how it feels with this article. I am usually a very organised person but sometimes things just get out of hand. That is a case of this article, it has been a draft for way too long… They say that late is better than never so I hope I can still get away with it. 🙂 If not, blame me but keep reading! 🙂 It all happened … Read More

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Rebecca & Philip 25/7/15

Rebecca and Philip. This lovely couple got married at Knowsley Hall. They searched for the place carefully and so them, their lovely family and guests could spend this day in one of the most gorgeous venues in Liverpool. The day turned out to be amazing and the sun was smiling at us the whole day. Writing this blog is like turning back time and the photographs make me feel like I am back in the fresh smelling fields around Knowsley … Read More

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Ready for some gorgeous dreamy pictures? Here you go!

I wanted to do this dreamy shoot for a while. Gorgeous dremy pictures are popping all over internet and they are so cool. I wondered how hard it would be. When opportunity came along, I was happy to join lovely team of hairdresser and make up artist in one, Hannah Oultram and a gorgeous model Jennah Whyman and we made it happen. We did not have to go very far and shot most of the photographs in our garden and … Read More

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Jungle of social media marketing and SEO and how to tackle it!

A problem for every small or medium sized business that depends on a website (like mine) is how to get as much traction to your website as cheaply as possible. And secretive Google, which constantly changes algorithms of how it prioritises certain websites over others, does not make this task any easier for us! Social media is constantly gaining importance and there are indications that social media is growing its role in influencing how well your website will rank. Even … Read More

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Play Date with the Twins

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‘Children make you want to start life over.’ Muhammad Ali This week I had a little play date with the twins. I met these two lovely little people and their mom in lovely county of Oxfordshire which I absolutely fell in love with. Even though we met in July, it was one of those cold rainy days where you would rather stay cozy at home with a cup of tea. But they braved the weather and we went to a … Read More

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