How to Dress for a Family Photo-shoot

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We met with these two little ladies and their parents in a Manchester photo-studio. The girls started running around and clearly had a lot of fun. They decided to explore all the hidden corners and still managed to sometimes give a great smile to my camera.

We have done different sets of pictures and tried out different backgrounds. The shoot took about 90 minutes and this family will have a lot of lovely photographs.

What makes a huge difference when doing a family photo-shoot? One of the things is clothes. Deciding what to wear in family photos can be just as challenging as finding the perfect photographer. These are photos you are going to hang on your walls and you want them to look perfect. The best is to chose simple outfits with rather less amount of pattern as they will make your face stand out. Especially if you use f.i. a white outfit against a white backdrop. Also characters on clothes can be very distracting. A great idea if you are not 100% sure about what to wear is to go either with lighter colours for the top and bottom part of your outfit or go for both parts in darker colours.

Complementing Colors

If you keep confident, you can try to experiment, but always keep in mind how the colors complement each other. Another tip is to keep similar colours for all members of the family. That creates an even distribution of colours throughout the photograph and an eye pleasing look.

If you are planning a family photo-shoot, do not hesitate to contact your photographer and I am sure they will be happy advise.

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